About us

Welcome to Quiltive! My name is Eszter J.K. Torma, a happy mom to 4 wonderful children and the wife of an amazingly supportive, loving husband. Quiltive is basically our 5th child. Coming from an academic background crowned with a PhD, you might wonder how I got to creating a quilters’ webshop. Here’s how:

Ancient History

My love for sewing I believe is genetic: my great-grandma was a tailoress, both of my grandmothers were dedicated handicraft women, and my mom used to sew me the most beautiful, personally tailored frocks, winter coats, and skirts. However, my love for quilts - which eclipsed all other crafts I have been involved with so far - came much later, through my all creative sister. How thankful I am to her!

Discovering Precuts

As soon as I started quilting, my problem had always been not finding the perfect fabric combination for my quilts. Or even if I found one or two wonderful patchwork fabrics, it was nearly impossible to find the third one that would match the first two. That is when I discovered the precuts!!! Not only is it easy and fast (!!!) to work with them but - coming from the same collection - they for sure all match each other! Nowadays, if I want to, I get to choose from 40 different patterns that all go together perfectly!

The Webshop and the Get Creative Ideology

Seeing other quilters struggling their ways through different patchwork shops and having finished quilts hidden in drawers, I decided to create Quiltive. On my website, I do not only sell these wonderful collections, but also try to show how versatile precuts can be put to use. For many creative people making a whole quilt sounds like a mountain to climb, whereas projects like sewing a skirt, a smart phone case, or a mug rug may seem more achievable. These are all possible with the fabrics and easy-to-make patterns you can find on Quiltive!

The Team

It was also very important for me to have a shop where you can not only buy your fabrics but also enjoy the ambient, be inspired to create wonderful gifts, beautiful garments, and of course fabulous quilts. This venture was not one I could start alone, and I have to give credit to the Lampyon team who were able to make my dreams of a beautiful webshop come true. Their advise, hard work, and expertise makes it possible for me to present my passion for fabrics and quilts the way it deserves. I hope you'll enjoy our selection of wonderful fabrics and also the creative features of our website.

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